Protect + Repair Facial Serum


Our Protect + Repair Facial Serum is an all natural plant based solution for healthy beautiful skin! Our emollient balancing facial serum provides a concentrated boost of intensive moisture for all skin types. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly and easily, immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning skin with an infusion of organic botanicals and premium oils containing potent antioxidants; protecting skin from and even reversing environmental damage. With continued use, Protect + Repair Facial Serum may offer additional protection against UV induced irritation and discoloration

Key Ingredients:

Carrot Seed Oil – Contains nutrients that have proven to help prevent sun damage, as well as repair UV damage such as discoloration and loss of elasticity.

Licorice – A powerful anti-inflammatory which will improve all skin functions and know to help with hyper-pigmentation and scarring.

Red + Black Raspberry Seed Oil – Contains carotenoids and flavonoids, high in essential fatty acids.

Direction for use: Apply a few drops onto fingertips and gently massage onto clean face and neck. 

Ingredients: Organic red raspberry oil, black raspberry oil, olive squalane, carrot seed oil, moringa oil, comfrey extract, calendula extract, mullein flower extract, marshmallow extract, nettle extract, chamomile extract, gotu kola extract, licorice extract.

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