Happy Camper Bug Balm


Be safe and healthy (and DEET-free) this summer with this NATURAL outdoor bug balm. Our new Happy Camper Bug Balm naturally repels insects as it moisturizes and protects.  The active ingredients are a blend of pure essential oils in a certified organic coconut oil base. Apply liberally to exposed skin as often as needed.  4 oz. tin (please re-use or recycle it).

CAUTION: While our Bug Balm is considered totally safe, it does have a fairly strong concentration of pure essential oils (that's what makes it effective).  So for that reason, we do not recommend you use it on children under 2 years of age.  It may be too strong for their sensitive skin.  Make sure to wash your hands after applying. 

Active Ingredients: Proprietary essential oil blend; including catnip essential oil.  Other Ingredients: organic coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, natural vitamin E, and arrowroot.

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